The pages below contain a host of potential resources. There are articles, news pieces, personal sites, professional clearinghouses, national organizations, poems, and other things that i’ve personally found interesting or insightful. Some of them i come back to again and again. You might get something out of them, too.

Links in a silver chain, taken on a sailboat on Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Like links in a chain, few things are easily separable. (Taken on a sailboat on Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.)

If you’re looking for things that don’t fall neatly into any one category (like so much of life), they should be listed in all relevant places. For instance, trans youth sites are in the trans, families, and youth sections.

Also note that the “Category” links to the right have videos sorted in categories similar to the ones below.

LGBTQI Resources

  • Lesbian/gay/bi resources
  • Trans resources
  • Resources for gender non-conforming/trans children and youth and their families
  • Genderqueer resources
  • Intersex resources

Other Identity-Based Resources

  • Feminist resources
  • Youth resources
  • Disability resources
  • Parenting resources

Non-Identity-Based Resources

  • Women’s and Gender Studies resources
  • Racial and ethnic justice resources
  • Peace resources
  • Satire and political commentary resources
  • Environmental and conservation resources
  • Miscellaneous resources

If you find any outdated or broken links or know of something i should add, feel free to let me know.

(All URLs valid as of late Fall 2015.)

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