Praise From Past Workshop Attendees

“Your honesty and candor, sensitivity and direct approach were really helpful.”

“I’m really going to remember the stories shared from classmates who felt comfortable to share b/c of you! THANK YOU! The work you do is so important!!!”

“I’ve done presentations and workshops on LGBTQ issues in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. This was by far the best presentation on these issues that I have ever seen! It was especially well articulated in terms of defining traits and identities. Thank you!”

“In the future, I’ll remember how important it is not to judge or discriminate against someone based on their gender expression.”

“It’s so good to be reminded of the things that everyone has to do to change the society we live in.”

“You did a wonderful job! You are so knowledgeable, so open, and so frank that it make this discussion so beneficial. You are such a great advocate for this community.”

“This presentation should be mandatory for all students.”

“Really interesting. I was really glad that you were open about yourself and personal experiences enough to let us ask questions that could have been taken as offensive. It was nice to be able to learn about these things without feeling uncomfortable or unable to really learn what we wanted to learn.”

“I really want to get involved now! My HRC sticker isn’t enough.”

“I learned how similar heterosexual and non-trans privilege is to white privilege.”

“I usually do not like people who are not straight, but presentations like this will help people to accept LGBTs more in our society.”

“Absolutely amazing! As a bisexual female I felt ashamed for not knowing my history but this helped.”

“The PowerPoint and your constant defining and clarifying terms throughout the presentation was very helpful. Also the information on how to handle children who question sex and gender. I’d like to thank you for your time and for the work that you do! I’m happy and proud to have been here today and honored to have listened to you today!”

“Very helpful and comprehensive! Any presentation that holds my interest and keeps my attention at 8am must be pretty good.”

One small white and one large red-and-white firework, College Park, Maryland. The US flag is held up by a green-lighted crane in the bottom right corner.
Nothing justifies being completely US-focused when outside of the US!  Also, this is sometimes how I feel when reading workshop feedback. 🙂 (July 4th fireworks in College Park, Maryland)

“I greatly appreciate that you ‘Canadian-ized’ the presentation. Many US speakers just give US facts/stats. I really appreciate the research you did.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for the workshop last week, I loved being there, enjoyed the exercises and really appreciated your deft handling of some of the questions that arose. I so appreciate all the work and creativity and commitment that went into your presentation – scholarship, research, living – and the insight and generosity you brought to sharing and teaching with us.”