Wishing a Happy Mothers’ Day…

  • to mothers who love their children unconditionally and who set loving boundaries;
  • to mothers who accept their children where they’re at and as who they are instead of as who and where the mothers want them to be;
  • to cis mothers and trans mothers;
  • to genetic mothers and adoptive mothers and stepmothers and other-mothers;
  • to lesbian and bisexual mothers who are out to their children;
  • to mothers who never hit, spank, deride, or otherwise emotionally or physically abuse their children;
  • to mothers who break the cycle;
  • to mothers who respect their children as human beings with rights and desires as important as the mothers’ own;
  • to mothers who earn their children’s respect instead of demanding it of them;
  • to mothers who admit their challenges and who know they can’t do it all;
  • to mothers who like their children as well as love them;
  • to mothers who love and *celebrate* their LGBTQ and gender non-conforming children as much as their straight and cis children;
  • to mothers who honor and respect their disabled children as much as their able-bodied ones;
  • to mothers who raise strong children and children focused on social justice;
  • to mothers who teach their children to see and fight oppression in all its forms, especially when that oppression does not affect their children’s daily lives;
  • to mothers who expose their children to as much human diversity as possible – race, gender, class, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration and linguistic status, religious, and all the other ways we have of being human;
  • to mothers who use birth control and who have abortions when they know that having children is not right for them at the moment;
  • to mothers who openly and honestly teach their kids about sex, sexuality, and birth control;
  • to mothers who are not afraid to ask for help and to mothers who offer help;
  • to mothers who don’t let fathers get away with doing nothing to help raise their children or maintain the household;
  • to mothers who raise feminist sons and assertive, self-confident daughters;
  • to mothers who teach all their children that “no” means “no;”
  • to single mothers;
  • to mothers raising children with multiple co-parents;
  • to mothers who don’t dress their boy babies in blue and their girl babies in pink;
  • to mothers who let their boys wear dresses and their girls play with trucks;
  • to mothers who know that sex isn’t gender and that biology isn’t destiny;
  • to mothers who struggle and mothers who triumph;
  • to mothers who live with adult children who need as much parenting as young children;
  • to butch mothers and femme mothers, masculine mothers and feminine mothers;
  • to mothers who struggle to make ends meet but who still meet their children’s needs;
  • to mothers who parent in poverty, with disabilities, as immigrants, surrounded by racism;
  • to non-Christian mothers, feminist mothers, radical mothers;
  • to mothers who strive to have their children’s lives be better than their own;
  • to mothers who take time for and take care of themselves;
  • to mothers who have lives outside of parenthood and who don’t define their entire being based on their mothering;
  • to mothers who know that it truly takes a village;
  • to mothers who work with instead of against their children;
  • to mothers who encourage academic excellence, who buy their children books instead of violent toys, who expose their children to books and movies with good messages that other parents may fear;
  • to mothers who leave manipulative, exploitative, or abusive relationships;
  • to mothers who refuse to conform to sexist notions of motherhood and help redefine what it means to be a mother; and most importantly,
  • to my own Mom who is amazing in too many ways to name.

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